Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 28--A place I love

I love the beach.  There are so many reasons why.  The sun, the smell, the sounds, it is all glorious and so relaxing (minus the stupid birds!).  Something you have to understand is that I must enjoy the beach from under an umbrella with super SPF and a hat! Yet, somehow I manage to still get sunburned.  I guess I am a glutton for punishment!  We went to the beach for our honeymoon and it was wonderful!  I hope to go back before too long!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 27--A child I love

I teach preschool.  There is no way I can choose only ONE!!!  I will tell you why I love all children.  Kids can be so funny without even trying.  For example: my 3 yr old niece does not like men or boys and has decided that they cannot come to her birthday party, which mind you is not until July.  Her mom told her that if she didn't want any boys that her Papa couldn't come.  She thought about it for a minute and said, he can come, we just won't tell he is a boy!  That is not something she thought up to be funny, it just was!  Another funny from her: she is completely infatuated with toots.  We were in the car and she asked me if I tooted and I politely said no I did not thank you very much.  She, without skipping a beat says, I did!

Another reason I love kids is because they love to learn new things.  I love to see the excitement in their eyes when they figure out how to do a new puzzle or build an awesome tower in blocks.  I truly makes what I do worthwhile!

Kids love you unconditionally.  I run a very tight ship in my classroom.  I think my students are so much better off because of it.  Sometimes it is the only structure they have in their life.  I get a hundred hugs and I love yous in a day.

I could go on and on, but I won't.  Those are just a few reasons why I love all kids!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I know, I know!  I have been a huge blogger fail this past month!  This is a really busy time for me at work.  The last few weeks of school are killers!
There is not too much to update.  We are still trying for a baby.  I got really sick at the beginning of this cycle and it has thrown EVERYTHING OFF!  I don't think I am going to ovulate this cycle at all, which of course means no egg to meet sperm.  That is disappointing.  I am going to wait it out and see how long this cycle turns out to be and if it gets close to 60 days, I am going to call my doctor.  I hope it won't come to that, but I have options.
Summer vacation has started and I am just going to relax and do some things around my house and enjoy it!