Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update on my Weight Loss Endeavor

I am still working on the Weight Watchers plan, but I can certainly tell that I am "dieting".  I dreamed about cinnamon rolls last night.  I think my subconscious knows there is a tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in my fridge.  I thought about making them this morning, but I did not.  I decided that 10 points per cinnamon roll is not worth it.  I might make a sugar free apple pie instead.  I am REALLLLLLLY needing something sweet today.  To let you know how bad it is (apparently the dreaming about food is not enough), I have been looking up the point values for donuts, ice cream cones...etc!  I am afraid if I don't treat myself a little, I am going to completely fall off the wagon!  I was really proud of myself for not making the cinnamon rolls, I might need to throw them away so I will quit thinking about them.  I am telling myself that if I can make it through the sugar detox this week, I can make it through anything. 

I am a little worried about the trip I am getting ready to take next weekend. I am going on a "Spa Getaway" with my girlfriends.  I feel like I should explain that I bought all the snacks I am taking before I started Weight Watchers.  I have a box of Rice Krispie treats, tootsie roll pops, strawberry pop tarts and a 2 lbs bag of candy bar minis!  It's going to be a long weekend I am afraid.  Is anyone seeing the problem with the way I feel about food?  I know I have an unhealthy attraction to food, I love it!  I like to smell it, taste it, look at it, and eat it!  It triggers a joyous feeling in my brain.  I might need a 12-step program!  I will keep you all updated.  Thursday is my weigh in day!  I am hoping for at least 2 lbs gone!  Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So....I am fat

I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting today.  I am overweight, according to my Wii Fit, I am morbidly obese.  It groans when I step on it, of course I tell myself that it does that  for everyone!  So I am going to work the plan and plan the work! Do you know what is the saddest part of this whole deal is?!  I get the absolute lowest number of points per day!  What the heck is that all about!?  Anyway, since I did not know all the new point values for food, I did not plan dinner so I went to KFC to get some grilled chicken, yeah a 13 minute wait!  We all know I do not have the patience to wait for 13 minutes for food!  I need immediate gratification!  I got original recipe and only went over my daily point value by 1 point today!  Yay!  I feel pretty good about things.  I know I can lose the weight if I just write down what I eat and start exercising.  Running my mouth does not count as exercise...or so I am told!  So of course, exercise is going to start on Monday!  I need to find something that is easy on my old lady feet!  Plantar Fasciitis is a horrible affliction!  I loved pilates and yoga the first time I did Weight Watchers and lost 40 lbs!  I have now found those 40 pounds and I will raise you about 10 more.  Not good!  I blame it on being happy.  You know that content feeling you get once things seems to fall into place, yeah...apparently that makes you fat.  Oh wait, maybe it's the ice cream...or the cookies, or eating out every night.  Nah, that can't be it!  :)

So wish me luck, my goal is to lose 20 lbs by my birthday.  I have 15 weeks to do it in!  I think I can, I think I can!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ever had one of those days...

I was so  totally irrational, but I couldn't help it.  I cried and broke out into hives and it was all over work!  I mean seriously, who does that!? It was kind of craptastic and it made me want my mommy!  My former principal called me and I cried to her about the happenings and she made me feel better.  Not to the point that I am totally happy but better.

On a totally different note, I went to see a play last night and it was hysterical!  It was called "Church Basement Ladies".  I would recommend it to anyone!  I would love to be able to act in a play and be so funny and talented that I was the one people were talking about when they went home!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Saturday!

It's11:30 on a Saturday morning and I am still in my pjs!  It is wonderful sitting under my blanket watching TV!  There has been a chill in the air this week, so of course I have been in the mood for soups so I made us chili for supper last night.  I think the first pot of chili in the fall is such a wonderful treat!  I think I have hit the full fall mode, I will snap out of it when it is 90 degrees next week, but for right now I am enjoying it!  I might put up my fall decorations this weekend...if I ever get out of my pjs!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  It is a gorgeous day here today, I might eventually get dressed and enjoy it!

Update on D: he is fine!  Shocker that he overreacted to his, ahem, problem.  He spoke with his doctor on the phone this week to let him know what was going on since he is still working out of town.  The doctor gave him some suggestions on things to do to help him alleviate his problem.  That is all I will say about it since some of my readers actually know my!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Serously people!

Ok, the little "game" going around Facebook promoting breast cancer awareness, I am ________weeks and craving_______ is making me crazy!  I am not one to copy and paste statuses anyway, but this one makes me particularly stabby.  I think just seeing those words over and over on my newsfeed makes my heart sink a little more each time.  I really WANT to be so many weeks and craving something!  How in the world does this promote breast cancer awareness?  Wouldn't it be more helpful to post facts or tips on how to prevent or check for breast cancer?

On a semi-related note, D comes to me tonight and says he thinks he has testicular cancer.  UM, what?!!!!  We have company this weekend so we haven't even been able to discuss why he thinks that.  I have thought for some time that his testosterone is low but never anything more than that.  I just thought we would have his testosterone checked out when he goes in for his semen analysis.  He has a tendency to over dramatize things and be a bit paranoid.  Oh and did I mention is possibly a hypochondriac?!  He always assumes the worst, we are totally opposites in this aspect of our lives.  I am glass 1/2 full and he is 1/2 empty.  We are Yen and Yang.  We truly do balance each other out though.  I am hoping it is nothing and we go to the doctor and all is fine!  Why would you tell me that when we can't talk about it?  I am trying not to freak out on why he thinks that, but obviously that is not working so well right now.  I am going to pray about it and hope for the best.