Monday, March 18, 2013

It's going to be ok

I never realized how much I say, "It's going to be ok."  I truly believe it is always going to be ok.  It may not be exactly how I would like it to, but it is always ok. 

I have had a bit of a tough week or so.  My boss, who I love, called me a little over a week ago to let me know that her mother had a heart attack.  I knew she was upset and crying and the first thing out of my mouth was, it's going to be ok.  She gave me a list of things she needed me to take care of for her while she was gone.  I got it all done and her mom IS ok after open heart surgery.  How do I know it is going to be ok?  I don't know exactly, I just do.  I guess it is faith.  I have FAITH it is going to be ok. 

I think back to when my dad passed away, it was the most horrible thing that had happened to me at that point.  It was hard, but I made it through.  I think of all the good things that came out of that horrible situation.  I found out how important my family is to me.  I live 4 hours away, it's easy to be disconnected.  I found out who my true friends are, they didn't try to make my dad's death about them.  I found a wonderful church home that lifts me up and makes me a better person.

Was my dad's death a bright and shiny spot in my life, absolutely not.  Am I ok?  I sure am.  It took me a while to get there, but I made it! 

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