Friday, May 31, 2013

It's happening!!!

I am still in shock that everything is going to fall into place!  My insurance is going to cover my surgery!  I am in shock!  I called to schedule it today and it is going to be June 11!  OMG, I need to breathe!  I have NEVER been one to get excited about surgery, anesthesia, hospitals, etc. but I am stoked about this one!  I am unsure of what I want them to find.  Do I want them to find something so we can "fix" it?  Do I want them to not find something and go from there?  I don't know.  All I know is that it is all going to be ok, no matter what.

I *think* my mom is going to come and help me for a few days afterwards.  D stresses about stuff so I would almost rather he just go to work, but that's not fair to him.  I want him to be there, but I can't promise I won't snap at him if he gets all drama queen on me!  :)

I am more concerned about Benny jumping on me after surgery than anything else.  He is a great dog but he just gets super excited about everything and everyone!  He just can't help himself!

Now for some pictures!
Here is a small chest of drawers that D's parents gave us.  It was his when he was a!

Here are some of my sweet boy:

Benny is a hoarder, this is what I walk over every morning:


  1. Congrats on scheduling the surgery! I hope all goes well! I'm sure it's nice to have date set.
    PS - I LOVE the pic of your pup looking straight a the camera. So cute!

  2. Thanks! He is pretty awesome!