Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year, New Goals

I am a terrible blogger...I have no excuse, other than I am lazy.  Plain and simple.

Let's see, here is where we are in life.  D has a job he finally likes (or so he tells me), he is on some medication for anxiety, which is making a world of difference in our marriage, and I am chilling out on some things.  Overall, things are much better than they were.  We went to therapy for a while until his work schedule got crazy for us and we had to keep cancelling appointments.  We are still using the tools we brought out of therapy in our daily life though.  I will say this, if you are struggling in your marriage or in life, please go talk to a therapist!  It can make a world of difference!  They are there to listen to you, give you tools on how to cope with life, and to be an impartial 3rd party in your conflicts.  I wasn't crazy about the therapist we were seeing, but I continued because it was good for my husband.

We made it through the holidays with his crazy family.  They are just plain crazy, that is all I can say about them.  His parents had to move last month, the home they moved to did not have a stove.  His sister and I bought them a gift card to a home improvement store so they could buy a stove.  They were not happy with that, they really wanted something else.  Next year, a lump of coal!

His mom told everyone that I have personally ruined their family Christmas by us not being there on Christmas Eve.  We travel to my family's house 4 hours away for Christmas, so no, we are not going to be there on Christmas Eve.  I made sure I asked her before we got married how she wanted to handle holidays, I want to remind her this is what she chose before D and I married.  We stay here for Thanksgiving and go to my family on Christmas.  I digress...

Work is going great.  I still love my job, which makes it so much easier to go to each day.  I often wonder if I should do a different grade than preschool, but then I think about how sweet and funny they are!  I decide, nah, I am good!

Baby stuff, nothing new.  We are working on paying off our debt so we can be ready to pay for treatments if the need be.  Plus I wanted to make sure we were in a good place in our marriage before we brought a new life into the world.  Though I am pretty sure that there is no concern of me getting pregnant without help.  I am ok with it right now.  I think about what we could do if we don't have kid: just pack up and go on vacation, never have to worry about babysitters, we don't have to pay for college or weddings...Is anyone convinced yet that I am ok if we never had kiddos?!  Yeah, me either.  I find myself trying not to look at newborns because I always feel like I am looking at them like I am going to kidnap them, which I am not of course!  I just don't want to look at them and people know that I am longing for a baby as much as I am.  We are not totally out of the infertility closet yet, but I am sure people have a good idea.

Oh we have a dog now.  D found him at a gas station.  He was dropped or ran off from his owners.  We put his picture out but to no avail, so he is ours.  His name is Benny and he is super cute and pretty well behaved overall.  He did eat the leftover roast today from the counter, but such is life.  :)  For your viewing pleasure:
Benny and Angelo

I guess overall, life is moving in the right direction.  It doesn't always seem to be moving as quickly as I would like sometimes, but we all need to slow down, right?!

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