Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here we go again

I started my period on Friday..yay.  We are going to repeat the same protocol as before with the Femara and timed intercourse.  I am hoping I respond to Femara again.  I would like to not have to take the trigger shot since it made me a friggin' hormonal mess, but I will do whatever it takes.  I seriously cry at everything.

I can't believe that I start back to work in a week.  I am not ready, I don't feel as if I have had enough summer!

There was a Fandom Fest in our city and it was awesome!  I got to meet/see some of the cast of The Walking Dead!  I had my picture taken and I got a big hug from Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon)!  He was super nice and took time with every fan and trust me there were TONS of fans there for him!  D enjoyed it so much!  He would stop and hug me every little bit and kept telling me how awesome it was to be there!  This was his birthday present so I am really glad he had a good time.  He got to see people from tons of the TV shows he watches.  I told him for my birthday he could take me to the Supernatural convention!  I do love that show!

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