Saturday, July 13, 2013


Things never seem to be easy...
I got a positive OPK on Monday night so I called first thing Tuesday morning to set up my Ultrasound (u/s)  to see how well I responded to Femara.  I had one measurable follicle but it was no where near the size it needed to be to create a positive OPK.  So the doctor thinks that my body has been in major fake out mode for some time now.  I produce the hormone to get the +OPK but my ovaries really don't do anything.  He did say there was a REMOTE possibility that I had already ovulated but he didn't really think that was the case.

I was really upset that day but I did make it to my car before I cried.  I had a slight pity party for a day and ate my feelings.  I didn't let it keep me down long.  I am really ok either way.  I know that we have options with doubling the meds next cycle or if I have already ovulated.  Our timing was good if I did ovulate so we will see.

Insurance booted out my surgery so I had to call and have my doctor's office send over the medical records, keep your fingers crossed they will cover it.  If not, I am going to be paying $9000.  Just another bump in the road.

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  1. I'm sorry the u/s results weren't what you were hoping for! I also hope your insurance company gets its act together and covers your surgery!