Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The aftermath

Things have been pretty low key around here.  I have recovered from my surgery totally and started Femara on CD3.  I have some hives...is it connected or not?  I am not sure, but they are irritating.  I take my last dose tonight and now we wait.  I am on CD7 so I will start doing OPKs on CD 10.  Once I get my positive OPK, I call the doctor and set up a time for an ultrasound.  I do love the dildo cam...I haven't had to visit it for a year now so I hope it at least buys me dinner!  :)

I had my niece and nephew for a few days and we had an awesome time!  We went to movies, out to eat, to a birthday party and so much more!  I am exhausted!  Sleeping on our futon is like all night torture!   

Benny has been a terror.  He was totally out of control while the kids were here.  He loved them so much that he was just out of control.  He would bite their feet and even started humping things, WHICH HE HAS NEVER DONE!  I am hoping that was just a phase...it might mean that it is time to get him fixed.  He also went through a food strike.  Thankfully that is over, we went and bought some different food since he had been eating the same food for 8 months now.  Maybe he was tired of it, who knows, he's eating now.

OH and the fireworks...For the love of all things holy, they must stop!  They make Benny crazy!  He shakes and cries and pees in the floor.  It's awesome.  He has always been afraid of loud noises so this is just a terrible time of year.  I love him but man this has been a hard couple of weeks with him!

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