Sunday, September 4, 2011

Serously people!

Ok, the little "game" going around Facebook promoting breast cancer awareness, I am ________weeks and craving_______ is making me crazy!  I am not one to copy and paste statuses anyway, but this one makes me particularly stabby.  I think just seeing those words over and over on my newsfeed makes my heart sink a little more each time.  I really WANT to be so many weeks and craving something!  How in the world does this promote breast cancer awareness?  Wouldn't it be more helpful to post facts or tips on how to prevent or check for breast cancer?

On a semi-related note, D comes to me tonight and says he thinks he has testicular cancer.  UM, what?!!!!  We have company this weekend so we haven't even been able to discuss why he thinks that.  I have thought for some time that his testosterone is low but never anything more than that.  I just thought we would have his testosterone checked out when he goes in for his semen analysis.  He has a tendency to over dramatize things and be a bit paranoid.  Oh and did I mention is possibly a hypochondriac?!  He always assumes the worst, we are totally opposites in this aspect of our lives.  I am glass 1/2 full and he is 1/2 empty.  We are Yen and Yang.  We truly do balance each other out though.  I am hoping it is nothing and we go to the doctor and all is fine!  Why would you tell me that when we can't talk about it?  I am trying not to freak out on why he thinks that, but obviously that is not working so well right now.  I am going to pray about it and hope for the best.

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