Saturday, October 15, 2011


D and I have not been seeing much of each other lately.  His work schedule is to blame.  He is traveling Sunday through Friday night.  It has not been fun.  He can't help it, it is what he has to do for his job.  After a year of unemployment we need him to have a job, even if he has to travel.  He has an interview on Monday for a different job, this too will entail travel.  I am thinking the travel will be a little better at least since it will be Monday through Thursday.  D is really feeling some stress and pressure trying to figure out the right thing to do.  When D works somewhere, he works so hard and gives all he has to that particular job until he can give no more.  I appreciate this about him.  However, it sometimes bites him in the butt, so to speak.  :)  So I am praying that he finds peace to do what he needs to do.  He knows what he NEEDS to do,  but he has formed relationships with his coworkers and hates to disappoint anyone.  If he is offered the job at the interview, he needs to take it and never look back.  He KNOWS that, but he is still struggling with the decision.  It has more money, better benefits and better travel benefits.  So if you are the praying type, please send him some thoughts and prayers for peace in his decisions.

On another note, D did not get to come home last night, so I went to visit him where he was working.  We had a wonderful date night.  We went to Target, ate at O'Charley's and watched Zookeeper.  I thought it was really funny.  I think Horrible Bosses is on the date night agenda tonight, if he ever makes it home!  This darn work is really getting in the way of our together time.  He is really starting to feel that.  I know that his travel is much harder on him than it is on me.  I get to be home, he is at a hotel.  I can see my friends, he is alone.  We talk on the phone but it is not the same, ya know.  Last night, we cuddled on the couch in his hotel room, we actually went to bed at the same time and talked, I mean really talked!  We needed that!

We have been kind of grumpy with each other, not in a malicious way, but more in a gosh, what do we do now that we are here together, kind of way.  When D is home, he wants to be home.  I have been home all week by myself, I want to see people, go out, have fun!  He wants to veg in his man cave, I can't blame him.  I would want to do that same thing if I had been gone since May.  So me going and meeting him in a different town last night kind of forced us to just be together without the distractions of home.  We are so guilty of just doing our own thing and not telling the other what we really need.  I am in the living room, he is in his man cave.  I am not a big fan of his man cave, that is where the cat's litterbox is and it is stinky and makes me!  So I am here he is there, I don't want to fall into that pattern.  I have decided that I am going to ask for what I need and I want him to do the same.

Sometimes the baggage we carry from previous relationships get really heavy after a while.  I think I need to sit mine down for a while.

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