Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1--A favorite song

You need to know something about me...I LOVE music is it is very hard to narrow it down to one song!  I have favorites in every genre!  For the sake of conversation, I am going to probably pick two songs--one for sentimental reasons and one because it is my favorite to crank the radio up and sing (ok so I use the term "sing" lightly, but hey!).

Sentimental Favorite:
Your Are My Sunshine

Here is the back story.  This is the first song I remember...period.  My mom would sing it to me and my brothers as she rocked us to sleep, probably well beyond the time we should have been rocked.  I watch her sing it as she rocks a new generation to sleep.  My brother and his family live about 4 hours away from my parents and his 3 year old has to call my mom at least once a day so she can sing to her.  My mom is a fabulous singer and actually sings in a country band.  My mom gave me a music box that plays this song and I know that when we do have a little one that the music box will have a special place in the nursery.  The memories it holds for me and my family is what makes this my favorite sentimental song.  I am going to try to link the Johnny Cash version since he is one of my favorite artists.

My favorite just because song:
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

I love, love, love, love, love Van Morrison!  He is my favorite artist.  This is the song that I will turn up the radio every.single.time I hear it on the radio.  I am of the brown eyed persuasion so I guess it feels like that song is about me!  It is just a feel good song that reminisces about days gone by and how fast time flies, which is something I definitely relate to!  Here is a link to the song.

I hope you enjoy!

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