Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3--A favorite TV Show

I have to say that I have the television on all the time, but find I hardly watch anything.  Strange I know.  I think it basically has to with the fact my attention span lasts through the first commercial break!  I am a serial channel flipper!  I also prefer to flip through the channels than to check out the guide on our satellite, it makes D crazy!  As I have done before, I refuse to name only one...Maybe I am just indecisive, who knows!

My favorite drama:
I love this show!  First off, it makes me feel better about my own house! It also makes me throw a few things away!  In all seriousness, I appreciate what the families are going through.  My grandmother is a hoarder.  She hoards magazines, food, yarn, etc.  She seriously had a narrow path through her house.  When my grandfather passed, my family had to go and clean all this mess out...OMG!  I believe they took out 3 pick up truck loads of expired food to the dump!  It truly is a sickness that people have no control over.

My favorite comedy:
Raising Hope
If you have never watched this show you are truly missing out on a comedic genius!  I am pretty sure the writers of this show were raised in a home just like the one portrayed.  I don't see how they can capture the hilarity without living it!  One of my favorite lines from the show is when the dad is talking to the son and he mentions that the only one that can make the grandchild smile is Jimmy's "death tooth little girlfriend".  Makes me laugh!

My favorite reality show:
Please don't shun me, but I HATE, HATE, HATE reality TV.  That is all!

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