Saturday, March 26, 2011

My first Blog!

I didn't think I would be a blogger, but alas, here I am!  First off, let me start by introducing myself.  I am KLN (names not give to protect the not so innocent!)  =)  I am 32 and  have been married to D since 2009.  We have been trying for our first child since May of 2010.  I thought that I would get pregnant after the first few months, silly me!  If I had only known the journey we started would entail more than I ever imagined! 

I have known my whole life that I wanted to be a mother.  Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed my nieces and nephews.  They have been my joy and light, but I want to be a mother!  I want that baby in my arms that looks up into my eyes with nothing but love and acceptance, knowing that I will meet it's every need for as long as I live.  After 10 months of trying, which I know is a relatively short time and it can take the "average" couple up to a year, blah, blah, blah, I had my first meltdown over the fear of not getting pregnant.  I am not sure if it was hitting 10 cycles trying, OMG, we are in double digits!, or what, but there I was, crying.  That is certainly not my style.  I am very positive person, the glass is always half full.  But there were the tears.  They didn't last long, but poor D!

You know the crazy part, I take my temperature, I check my cervical mucus, I ovulate, we have sex...yet I am not pregnant.  I think it has something to do with timing or lack of timing for a few cycles.  It was one of those things that no one has control over, D had to be out of town, one of us was ill, etc.  Those things are known as life, so be it.  But being the control freak, er, I mean, proactive person I am, I have bought Ovulation Predictor Kits, Pre-Seed, a sperm friendly lube, and some Home Pregnancy Tests--remember that glass half full remark!  =)  So here we go!  Bring it on!

On a side note, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in December.  I started taking Metformin in February to help control the symptoms.  It does have some side effects which are manageable, but irritating.  I was also very deficient in Vitamin D so I am taking a supplement to boost that.  Oh yeah and a prenatal vitamin.  I hope I have all my bases covered!

So here is to cycle 10!  I hope this is it for me and D, but if it is not, we will continue on our adventure, making the most of it as we go!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!! Here is to kicking PCOS in its tail! Wish you the best of luck in your journey!

  2. Hi K, nice blog intro! Best of wishes to you and D in this TTC journey. We are 3 cycles behind you, but I too was recently told I have "consistencies" with PCOS. Praying we both have success soon! Oh, and we might have been at the same college at the same time! I was there 00-05.