Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A new kind of tired!

I have been back to work since August 4th, however, my students did not return until yesterday!  Oh my goodness, I am tired!  There is a huge difference between just being at work and actually teaching!  The good part about teaching is that I forget how truly stressful (i,e. awful) the first few days with kids are!  I teach preschool and they are so needy.  They come to me babies and leave me kindergartners.  I forget about the tears that accompany them to school.  Sometimes the tears are from the students and other times it is the mommies and occasionally, it's been me!!!!!  I always find it fascinating on how many do not cry on the first day, but wait until the second day when the reality sets in that this was not a one day deal!  I chuckle to myself at some of the things they do and say.  In years past, I have had to remind some students that they are not the boss in the classroom, there is only one boss and it is me!  I wouldn't trade it for the world though, the hugs and I love yous make up for the sheer exhaustion and stress I am feeling tonight!

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