Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 17--A photo of my family

Since I am going for anonymity, I am not going to post a picture of my whole family. I am going to post a picture instead of my sweet grandpa. He passed away on the 23rd of December. He was 93 years old, a WWII veteran and just a great person! He was the kindest, gentlest soul, who deep down, was a prankster. He smiled all the time and was truly a joy to be around. He loved his family and worked very hard to provide for my grandma, my uncle and mother.

My grandparents truly had a wonderful love story. He was in Texas for boot camp at the beginning of the war. She was working on base. They met and got married in whirlwind! He was 25 and she was 14, not unusual for that time period. He moved her back to his family farm in the mid-west. They wrote letters the whole time he was away at war. There was a time he got separated from his group during a mission so that was scary for all of them. However, it turned out to be a blessing since the rest of his platoon was killed. He won a Bronze Star for one of his missions. My grandpa was not one to boast or brag or even talk about his war experience, it was just what he did for his country.

My favorite memory I have of my grandpa is not one in specific, but just of the time he spent with me. I remember sitting beside him in his recliner watching TV with his arm around me. He let me drive the tractor, just following him wherever he went. I couldn't have asked for a better grandpa. The following picture is one I took of him at the last Thanksgiving.

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