Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 19--A fun memory

When I read what today's post was supposed to be about, I laughed.  I knew immediately what I wanted to write about.  I am the type of person who has a good time, no matter what.  I just set my mind to it and it happens.  This story does have some bone chilling fear along with the fun.
I was visiting my aunt, who lived a plane ride away.  She had two grandkids who were her life so we did lots of things with them.  One thing they like to do is go to the park and feed the ducks.  Insert bone chilling fear here....I am TERRIFIED of birds.  Yes birds, I can't help it, don't judge!  So anyway, we have a loaf of bread, a thunderstorm in the making and about a million ducks.  Her grandson was four at the time and he was a tad bit leery of the ducks.  Have I mentioned that these were GIANT ducks?!  I was patiently hiding under the slide while they were feeding the ducks.  The grandson starts squealing and running towards me with this duck chasing him, nipping at his behind!  I am screaming, drop the bread, drop the bread!  I didn't want that duck ANYWHERE near me!  Finally, after much screaming and yelling from me, he drops the bread, jumps into my arms.  Cue the thunder and lightening here.  Thankfully the storm forced us to the car, however we didn't get there unscathed.  We were all walking back to the car and here comes a posse of ducks, this was a planned attack!  They circled us and started nipping at all of our backsides!  Thankfully I was in the middle of our huddle!  Who says the safety of children should come first!?  Finally we made it to the car where we just explode into hysterical laughter!  You know the laughter where you can't catch your breath and every time you think you are composed, you think about it and it starts all over again!  Thankfully no one got struck by lightening or eaten by a ravenous duck.  I think the innocence of the situation and just the simplicity of the day made it so great.

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