Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 24--A travel story

I am sure everyone has had the kind of trip where everything has gone wrong.  I had gone to visit my aunt and uncle in Alabama, the same one mentioned in the funny story post.  My flight down was delayed by hours, completely cutting out my layover, I am now running through the Atlanta airport trying to make my connection!  I get down to Alabama and we have a fantastic time, that is until it is time for me to go home.  My flight home is  canceled, I had to be put on another one, which the airlines did not want to cooperate with.  I get on my flight, my luggage does not.  I get to my final destination and my friends, who were waiting on me, seriously tell me, you have 5 minutes to whine and that's it!  So I take all 5 and just let it rip!  On the way home, we get pulled over since my friend was exhausted from waiting on me to get home all friggin' day!  The officer thought he was drunk!  So we finally make it home about 12 hours later than originally should have.  My luggage finally makes an appearance about 2 days later!

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