Thursday, February 21, 2013

Poo and other stuff

Benny has turned into a bad sleeper.  He wakes up at undesirable times like 3 am.  This morning, he got up at 5:00.  No biggie, take him potty and back to bed.  All goes well, though he cries it out until about 5:45 when I cave and let him into the bedroom.  That means the cat comes too since the door is open.  (I booted the cat out of the bedroom right after D and I got married.)  Everyone settles back, I reset the alarm and go back to sleep since I have a little time.  I wake up to an awful smell...awful!  I knew immediately that it was cat poop.  I got up hoping it was in the litter box.  It was not.  It was seriously a poopsplosion!  I make D hold onto Benny while I am cleaning up this poo!  I mean the cat walked through it and tracked it everywhere in the house and then jumped on the bed with poopy feet!  OMG, I was livid!  Not only am I cleaning up a pile of poop the size of a dessert plate, now I have to change the sheets!!!!!  So I got it all cleaned up and I still had to take a shower and make it to work.  I made it and I was only 3 minutes late!  That was pretty gross by the way.  NOT the way I like to start a day.  I felt agitated for most of the morning.  I tried to work through it and come out in a better mood.  I think it might of worked.

I still have not made the appointment with the RE.  I never thought it would be this difficult to make a simple phone call.  But it is!  It's like I am closing the chapter on us ever being able to have a child on our own.  I know it is not that way in reality but sometimes you don't think rationally when it comes to matters of the heart.

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  1. I totally get where you're coming from with calling the RE! I stalled too but finally bit the bullet today and just did it. I feel like a pressure has been lifted. They were SO NICE on the phone too - it already has me more at ease. Good luck!