Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 29--A person I love

I will go with the normal list of folks: my husband, my parents, my siblings, etc.  I can't choose just one, I am a people person.  I love being around big groups and socializing.  I think everyone has a great story to share, even if they think it is nothing, I am fascinated!  For example, I had dinner with a friend tonight.  While at the restaurant, an older gentleman she knows from her childhood sat down with us.  He was funny and kept us quite entertained during our meal!  He told of his childhood, going to a one room school house, various teachers, and what life was like.  He told of a teacher from the 30s who was as he put it, 5 foot by 5 foot and meaner than a rattlesnake!  He was telling of how she whipped a boy on his legs.  When the boy left school that day, he told the teacher that she would be hearing from his daddy the next day. She politely replied, I will lose sleep from worry!  I am sure you couldn't intimidate that woman!  So the next morning the dad rode up on his horse.  He said, I hear you had some trouble with my boy.  She said yes and if you get down from that horse I will whip you just like I did him!  The dad told her, I think you have things under control and rode off!  As a teacher, I am somewhat mortified yet strangely empowered by that story. 
As usual, I have gone off on a tangent and am unable to commit to only one person...  I will leave it at this: even though tonight was the first night I had ever met this random old man, I found him quite fascinating and enjoyable!  I love small town life where you go to the local restaurant and everyone knows everyone else and you can enjoy a meal and a nice story!  Tonight I love the random old guy that ate dinner with me and my friend!

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