Monday, July 18, 2011

I am frustrated again....

Apparently having sex is part of the requirements for making a baby....
D just called me to say that he has been given the floater position at his job, which is great but...There is always a but isn't there?!  That means he is going to be working out of town for the next few months.  He is not sure he will even be able to make it home on the weekends.  I am upset for various reasons.  Obviously the first reason is that I am going to miss him like crazy...I have gotten used to him being around all the time.  I have managed to fill most days while I am on summer break with friends and my new sewing hobby.  But today was different, my friends were all busy and I just felt incredibly lonely today.  Reason two is I would like to have a baby and that means his sperm and my egg need to meet and at this time we are still trying to have a baby the old  fashioned way.  Reason three is I hate taking care of his stupid cat.  The cat and I tolerate each other, but there is no love lost between the two of us.  I hate cleaning the cat box!  Ok, so reason three is trivial, but the other two are for real and serious!

I am sure I am stressing over nothing.  I know his job is very important and he loves it.  I am particularly happy that he has a job after a year of unemployment.

On a good note...D and I had a great anniversary getaway.  What we learned while we were away: we are too old for amusement parks.  However, the weekend was glorious and stress free!  We had a blast at a major league ball game.  We cheered for opposite teams, but that was ok.  His team won and I let him gloat about it for a few minutes, but that was it!

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