Friday, August 5, 2011

Losing confidence this cycle

I was so optimistic this cycle.  I knew from the very beginning that getting my hopes up could lead to massive disappointment.  I am usually of the mindset of, without hope, what is there.  I think I might have to change this thought while trying to get pregnant.  You know the crazy part is I am not even totally out this cycle, but my temperature is falling so I am sure it is just a matter of time.
Here is where my thoughts are heading right now.  I think D REALLY needs to get a semen analysis.  I am beginning to get concerned that he has low testosterone.  I looked on Dr. Google.  I know better, but it is something I have been thinking about for a while.  He told me tonight that he thinks he might be feeling depressed, which is a sign.  I don't exactly know how to approach the subject with him.  I might just ask him to do the semen analysis since this is something we have already discussed.  I am sure that will tell us what we need to know and if not we will go from there.  The problem is that he is working out of town and is not in town during business hours to get the test done!  GRRR, my frustration is growing!
On a totally unrelated note,  I had to go to a training today and yesterday and it was awesome!  It was all about how simple movement activities can change children's lives!  It was all about retraining their vestibular system, which effects the whole body!  It just confirmed what D and I think about TV/video games, we are not going to have either one in our child's room.  We want our kids to get outside to run and play, ride bikes, and develop an imagination.  So Monday means that I am back to work for another school year, I just hope I get to finish it on maternity leave this year!

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